Community Supported Agriculture


Hunts Brook Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, represents a partnership between our community and our farmers. Members share in the benefits, risks and overall experience of local food production. Shareholders receive fresh vegetables every Wednesday for 18 weeks of the growing season.

Becoming a member connects people to the food they eat, the land on which it's grown and the farmers who grow it.


Why join our CSA?

Be healthy. The Hunts Brook Farm CSA will provide your family with fresh vegetables grown naturally with love and care. We practice mindful soil management by ensuring that our crops have all the natural supplements they need to be as nutrient dense as possible. We sign the CT NOFA Pledge: 2017_farmers_pledge.pdf

Connect with your food. Learn how your food is grown and handled. Know and trust the people that do it. Eat seasonally and cook wholesome meals.

Support social consciousness. Revitalize the essential links among individuals, our farms and our communities. Educate individuals and the next generation about the importance of staying connected to the earth and the sustenance that it provides us.

Create a lasting sanctuary. Help sustain Hunts Brook Farm as it continues to be a nourishing place for people to live, work and visit.

What is in a Share?

Your share will be a variety of vegetables that are in season. Depending on how much you consume, a full share should feed a family of four. A 1/2 share is a “full share” that you would pick up every other week. These two shares are priced as:

  • Full share = $650.00

  • Half-share = $350.00

Additional Contribution Opportunity

Family in Need CSA Fund: Make a donation to our community fund, which provides healthful, nutritious food to individuals or families who otherwise would not able to afford membership. Learn more about this and other community outreach efforts here.


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